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Having the Talk

Having The Talk...we do it for a reason. Because it’s important for people to be informed. Except, our “talk” isn’t the talk your parents gave you. It’s about everything but. On this freewheeling podcast, hosts Joe & Adam seek out the eclectic and informed to share their expertise about a motley assortment of topics. Each episode crosses a new frontier of thought, slowly pushing the hosts and their listeners into broader territories. These conversations are brimming with insights about topics you never thought about, but won’t be able to forget. No matter the topic of the “Talk,” it guarantees to be an experience you never got growing up.

May 28, 2018

We’re Having the Talk on music composition and sounds of the natural world with Nick Virzi, a composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. In this talk, Nick reveals the underlying connections between the sound ecosystems we live in and the music we listen to. His claim, that the primal relationships humans share with the sounds in their environments have shaped and continue to shape music composition, opens ones eyes to beautiful soundscapes that surround us and offer a new perspective to appreciate the music we surround ourselves with. Ranging from the complexity of birdsong to his field-recording adventures in the Californian wilderness, this talk is both refreshingly new and surprisingly relevant to the familiar.
For more information about Nick, and to access his recordings, check him out on his website (